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Next Cooking Club For London's Homeless

Cooking Club: Rela Goldhill Lodge

Date: Tuesday 25th November 2014

Time: 19:15 - 21:15

Location: Rela Goldhill Lodge - Golders Green

Following Day or same Day Delivery:  
Golders Green to Islington - kaela@tikun.co.uk




What Is Cooking Club?

Cooking club started in September 2011 as a small group of people getting together to cook soup and sandwiches for a homeless soup run once a month. Gradually word got out and more people wanted to join in, prompting us to set up new and exciting cooking clubs throughout the community. As we progressed the project changed to not only cook for the homeless, but giving everyone in the community the opportunity volunteer and take part...

"Thank you for letting me take part in the project, it helped build my confidence and made me feel worthy of praise" - JAMI Member

Cooking Club at Tikun

On a Monday and Friday a hot meal is served at the homeless day centre in Camden Road, London. Once a month we will cook a nutritious and delicious meal and dessert such as shepherds pie, salad and fruit crumble.

Cooking Club at Rela Goldhill Lodge

We have now had 2 sessions of cooking club at Rela Goldhill Lodge in Golders Green, home to adults with physical disabilities which has been an amazing experience for all involved. Jewish care were keen to empower people who are normally recipients of volunteering to volunteer themselves. Both abled and disabled volunteers work together to cook for the homeless of central london.

Childrens Cooking Club

Cooking club for children aged 11 – 14 where they will be making rice krispie cakes and cupcakes which will be given out at the homeless day centre to people who come in to wash clothes and get a hot meal. We will also be having a representative from the homeless charity to explain to the teenagers where their food is going and what impact it will make to the people who are receiving.

More to follow....

Over the next few months we hope to set up 4 new cooking clubs and will keep you updated!
For more information contact us: 0208 912 1212 or cooking@tikun.co.uk

How can you help:

  • Come and volunteer at one of our cooking clubs
  • Delivering food once it has been cooked to the charity
  • Giving out soup and sandwiches on the streets to the homeless of london 
  • Go to our cooking club trolley and fill it up with as many or as few ingredients as you wish
  • Sponsor a cooking club – choose £25, £50, £75 – or any amount of your choice!
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