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2011 Innate Health Conference

Date: 04 Dec 2011
Time: 09:00

About Our 2011 Conference 

Tikun, in association with the 3 Principles Professional Institute and the 3 Principles Global Community, presented the 'Roots of Potential' - 2011 Innate Health Conference. A 3 day experience of the possibilities for wellbeing through an understanding of Innate Health and the 3 Principles on the 4th -6th December 2011.

The conference was a mixture of plenary and breakout sessions where participants gained an understanding of the 3 Principles from international speakers and consultants. These  included Dr George and Linda Pransky, Michael Neill, Dr Judith Sedgeman, Dr Linda and Dr Bill Pettit, Dr Aaron Turner, Mara Gleason and many more.

Feedback From Our 2011 Conference

This is just a taste of the very powerful feedback we received…

"It was my first time at a 3 principles event so it obviously took me time to understand it, but overall a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience that I think will come with me a long way."

"The whole conference has been a fantastic experience. I have had many insights and most significantly I think I am leaving more loving, more peaceful and more me."

"I really enjoyed the conference, both hearing the speakers and talking to others with such positive energy…. My major insight is that I had not realised the extent to which my thoughts were bullying me! Realising this has released me from lots of self induced pain."

2011 Innate Health Conference Sessions:

Roots of Potential 

Day 1 - Sunday 4th December

Audio/Video Introduction - Shaul Rosenblatt, Aaron Turner & George Pransky

Audio/Video  Plenary - "Peace from Within, Peace on Earth" with Judy Sedgeman 

 Breakout – “What are the 3 Principles?” choice of 7 presentations 

Audio/Video - Judy Sedgeman and Kimberly Porter

Audio/Video - George Pransky and Janet Lindsey

Audio/Video - Chip Chipman and Elsie Spittle 

Audio/Video - Dr. Linda Pettit and Dr Bill Pettit

Audio - Cathy Casey and Maria Renner (Audio MP3

Audio - Linda Pransky and Mara Gleason  (Audio MP3)

Audio - Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt and  Julian Fraser (Audio MP3) 

Audio/Video Plenary-  Panel Session -  “How The Principles Changed My Life” 
hosted by Cathy Casey, with Kimberly Porter, Maria Renner and
Julian Fraser 

Audio/Video Plenary - The Implications of the Principles with Michael Neill 

Day 2 - Monday 5th December

Audio/Video Plenary - "The Three Principles Intervention: Assumptions and Implications for the Mental Health Field" with Dr Bill Pettit 

 Breakout  sessions

Audio/Video  The 3 Principles in the Medical Field with Dr Bill Pettit

Audio/Video     The 3 Principles in Business with George Pransky and
Aaron Turner 

Audio/Video   The 3 Principles in Counselling with Linda Pettit

Audio/Video "Understanding the Principles more deeply" with
Cathy Casey, Part 1 of 3

Audio  The 3 Principles from a Jewish Perspective with Rabbi
Shaul Rosenblatt (Audio MP3)   

Audio/Video  Plenary - "A Vision for Alleviating Human Suffering" with
Chip Chipman and Elsie Spittle

Breakout  sessions 

Audio/Video "Understanding the Principles more deeply" with
Cathy Casey, Part 2 of 3

Audio/Video  Marriage and Relationships with Chip and Jan Chipman

Audio/Video  The Three Principles and Unconditional Peace of Mind with  Judy Sedgeman 

Audio/Video  The Principles as  a basis for coaching, panel discussion with
  Michael Neill,  Aaron Turner,Steven Desborough, Claire Shutes and  
Chantal Burns

Day 3 - Tuesday 6th December

Audio/Video Plenary " The Formless"- Linda Pransky

Breakout sessions  
Audio/Video   “The 3 Principles in Relationships” with George and
Linda Pransky

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