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I'm not who I thought I was so who am I?

Date: 04 Dec 2012
Time: 20:00
Location:Tikun Centre

Intro to Innate Health
With Sue Lachman and Terry Rubenstein

How sure are we that we truly know our selves.  Do we perceive ourselves differently to the way others see us? We can become aloof and arrogant and believe that our way is the only one that could ever be correct and see the world in a distorted way.  Life becomes all about 'I' and 'ME'. We become disconnected from our essence.  Discover how the 3 Principles bring everything into alignment. 

As Innate Health is taught in a free-form fashion this class is suitable for you if you are new to Innate Health, or would like the opportunity to deepen the understanding you already have. 

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