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Weekly Davar: Metzorah - Pesach 3 of 4

Good Afternoon!! On Shabbat 11th/12th April, right before Passover, we have a ‘Shabbaton’ at Tikun. We will be having Friday night services and dinner and the same on Saturday morning. As usual, our services will be focused on making prayer a meaningful, engaging and uplifting experience – even for the completely uninitiated. It’s a family event and my whole family will be there. Please do join us. If you are making your house clean for Passover, this is an ideal way to spend Shabbat without having to bring non Passover products into your home. For more details and to sign up, please follow this link

I’m also pleased to announce that I am doing a talk entitled ‘Pesach: Freedom from Yourself’ at Goldman Sachs, 120 Fleet Street on Thursday 10th April at 6pm. Sushi will be served and all are welcome. Please respond to this address for security purposes if you are coming: gabi.bond@gs.com

I have also created an abridged first part of the Haggada (up until eating the matzah). It is with my own translation…Click here to download it.

Pesach Message 2014



Weekly Davar: Tazria - 'Freedom - Part 2'



(Leviticus 12-13)

27th March 2014
25th Adar II 5774

Good Afternoon!! I was reading this week that many thousands of children under 10 are treated for depression each year in the UK. Now I know that mental health professionals are doing their best with the understanding they have, but I believe this to be a misunderstanding. My experience of children is that they are incredibly resilient. I watched my four kids, all under ten, as they adjusted to the loss of their mother. Kids don’t naturally hold onto negative thinking. In my mind, and this is especially true for children, we need to start supporting people’s mental wellbeing and healthy function, rather than treating dysfunction.

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