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Our Values - TIKUN

Our values guide our engagement, both as an organisation and as individuals:

[1] Quality: Designed for real people.

We care about people, not numbers. That’s why our events and programmes prioritise the quality of the relationship not the quantity of connections.


[2] Variety: One size never fits all.

When it comes to Jewish identity, one size never fits all. We have no box to fit you into. We simply provide an environment where you can find your own wisdom.


[3] Practical Idealism: Head in the clouds, feet on the ground.

Our head might be in the clouds but our feet are firmly on the ground. Great and lasting change must be based on realistic foundations because social responsibility is more than just a buzzword.


[4] Integrity: Imitation is for dummies

We leave the sparkle for the celebrities and we don’t believe in ‘faking it’. We allow our values and core truths to guide as an organisation and as individuals. Click here to see our core truths.