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What is Tikun?

The Hebrew word Tikun means Improvement. Tikun the organization is a Jewish educational charity based in London.

We help our members to develop a healthy relationship with Judaism through meaningful experiences and learning opportunities, empowering and enabling them to live their lives in a more spiritual way and ultimately contribute positively to the world.

Is Tikun for secular or orthodox people?

Regardless of your level of religious observance, if you are a young Jewish couple, or a sincere single seeking meaningful and spiritual growth as part of a lively community of peers who share your ideals – then Tikun is the place for you!

What do you mean by seriously-minded singles?

Great question! We simply mean singles who are seriously looking to get married. 

Do you charge for your courses and events?

Yes. Our pricing varies depending on the course or event. However, our policy is that no-one will be turned away due to lack of funds. For more information please email courses@tikun.co.uk

I want to explore something in Judiasm but I don’t know how or where to start – what should I do?

With so much wisdom to choose from, we understand how even starting the journey can seem daunting. That’s why we have designed easy to follow workshops for beginners and also offer you the option of designing your own learning with our Tailormade Torah.

Find out more here.

Jewish holidays bore me, what should I do?

Jewish holidays are only as good as your understanding of them. Empty mechanical behaviour never inspired anyone. It’s also hard to be bored when you are surrounded by other people all looking to have fun. From stand-up comedy on Purim to BBQ’s on Shavuot, we have events to excite even the most ardent critic.

To see our next holiday event click here.

I don’t want to get married in a Shul like my parents did, I want something creative and fun – should we look for a non-denominational minister?

Although you may wish to go down the non-denominational route, there is something truly special about a traditional Jewish service. Our Rabbis have years of experience balancing traditional services with creative and personal elements. Now you can have the impact of heritage without the stuffiness of shul! See more here.

I had a friend who became religious at uni and now they look like someone from Stamford Hill. Will you do that to me?

Um no…we won’t

When it comes to Jewish identity, one size never fits all. We have no box to fit you into. We simply provide an environment where you can find your own wisdom.

Plus our programmes aim to meet you at your level. With a focus on culture, heritage and charity we hope to inspire our members to form a Jewish identity that’s right for them.

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I am bothered by something I see in the community and I want to do something about it but all my friends tell I’m wasting my time. Can you help me?

Of course! With a bespoke volunteering-coach programme and guided giving, if you can dream it we can help you do it!

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